Frequently asked questions for you as a homeowner...

Why only South African tradespeople?

This is to create job opportunities for South Africa's disadvantaged group of talented tradespeople with the intent to providing ongoing, sustainable work to build their businesses.

How do we cross-reference the tradespeople?

All tradespeople are required to submit at least two references that include the name and contact details of homeowners.

We contact these homeowners and verify all references personally prior to uploading them to The Home Hub directory. In addition, inluded in every tradepersons Bio is the reference and contact details for the homeowner.

What if I do not want my contact details or references shown publicaly?

Your reference details are provided to the applicable homeowner within the downloaded file after their successful transaction of the tradespersons callout request.

At and time you can notify us that you do not want your contact details shown publicaly on the website or on the downloadable file submitted to the applicable homeowner.

What information does the tradepersons downloadable file contain?

A PDF file becomes available to you to download on process of sucessfull payment and contains:
  • Contact details
  • Copy of South African ID
  • Homeowner References

How can I pay for callout fees?

EFT with any of South Africa's four biggest banks. The EFT gets verified instantly. No two day waiting period, no proof of payment required and no disclosing of financial information.

We process local and international credit cards, with a variety of fraud protection mechanisms in place to protect you against chargebacks.

The merchant outlet country at the time of presenting payment options to the homeowner is South Africa. Transaction Currency is South African Rand (ZAR).

Are my banking details secure?

Credit card acquiring and security are process through PayFast wich uses the strictest form of encryption, namely Secure Socket Layer 3 (SSL3) and no credit card details are stored on The Home Hub website.

Customer details will be stored by 'The Home Hub' separately from card details.

What if the tradesperson does not contact me after I've paid?

If no contact has been made by the tradesperson with the you after 15 days from processing your callout request, you will be reimbursed the callout fee within a week.

Do I have to write a tradesperson reference?

After completion of a tradesperson's service or contract with you, we encourage you to submit a reference about the level of skill, reliability and craftsmanship you received.

The aim regarding the reference is to create a level of competitiveness, accountability and incentive amongst the tradespeople to generate ongoing business. All references will be viewable on The Home Hub and SMS'd to the applicable tradesperson.

Can I add to the tradespeople directory?

We would greatly appreciate if you would add a worthy tradesporson to this trade directory.

The Home Hub will be implementing an affiliates programme for homeowners in the near future - Watch this space!

How do I add to these FAQ's?

This is a work-in-progess so we encourage all questions or concerns to be sent to where we will review and update this section to the best of our ability.

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